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Motorized valve and solenoid valves

Time:2021-11-16 13:44:23 writer:小编 PV:

Electromagnetic valve magnetic coil is produced after electrify force to overcome the pressure drive springs attract valve core, and a magnetic coil, simple structure, low price, can achieve switch, Motorized valve is through motor drives, drive valve stem, motorized valve and the core points (shutoff valve) and regulator. Shutoff valves are two type of work that is fully seated and installed in the electric valves locator, through the loop adjustment to the dynamic stability of the valve in a position.
Motorized valve and electromagnetic valve USES:
Electromagnetic valve: used for liquid and gas pipeline switch control is two DO control. Commonly used for small pipeline control.
Motorized valve: used for liquid, gas pipeline and medium flow simulation system, adjust is AI control. In a large valve and the control system can also be used in electric valves do two switch control.
Electromagnetic valve: only DO, is used to switch control, and can only be used for small pipeline and control, common (pipeline, upgrade.
Motorized valve: can have AI feedback signals, can DO or by comparison, AO control in large pipes and wind valve, etc.
1 switch forms:
Electromagnetic valve driving, only through a coil switch on or off, when time is short.
The driver is generally electric valves open or close with motor, it will take time to finish the analog quantities, can adjust.
2 nature of work:
Electromagnetic valve general circulation coefficient, and working pressure difference is small. Such as general 25 diameter electromagnetic valve size than the coefficient of circulation and ball. Driven by the electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic winding is more easily by voltage shock damage. The function, is equivalent to switch on or off 2 role.
The driver is generally electric valves with motor, impact resistant voltage. Electromagnetic valve is quick start-up and shut-down fast shut, usually in a small flow and pressure switch frequency electric valves and big place. Electric valve opening degree can be controlled, the state has open and close, 50, can control pipe and intermediary qualitative flow and reach the requirement of electromagnetic valve.
Electromagnetic valve can be reset, general power electric valves to such functions need to add reset device.
3 applicable process:
Electromagnetic valve suitable for some special requirements, such as land, fluid leakage special price is more expensive, etc.
Motorized valve is commonly used to adjust, also have switch quantity, such as: fan coil end.