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The main theme of the valve industry

Time:2021-11-16 13:45:50 writer:小编 PV:

"In the fierce market competition, and who has the right technology, who has excellent product quality, who can constantly develop new products, who will be able to head start in the competition won." Zhejiang Yongjia Valve Association, Inter-Xuan Ye May 21, held in Hangzhou, China General Machinery Industry Association, the fifth branch of the second valve, said members of the General Assembly.
The overall level of the industry needs to be improved
Valve oil, chemical, power station, long-distance pipeline, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, a variety of low-temperature projects, aerospace and marine oil and other economic sectors indispensable fluid control equipment. After 20 years of development, China is about 6000 companies of all sizes valves are more than the number of firms in the world first, in which more than 5 million yuan annual output value there are 900.
From the product point of view, China's valve industry is now able to produce more than a dozen major categories products, such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle, plug valve, pressure reducing valve , diaphragm valves, steam traps, emergency shut-off valve and so on, the maximum temperature reached 570 ��, a minimum of -196 ��, the maximum pressure of 600MPa, the largest diameter to 5350 millimeters.
In addition, according to the relevant sectoral statistics, China's valve market turnover each year up to 500 billion yuan, of which the market been more than 100 billion yuan of foreign occupation of the valve business. Although the reform and opening up of China's valve industry made great progress, but there are still some problems: Since the low-level redundant construction, resulting in the valve leading products companies continue to be low-end mass products.
In addition, China's current production of various valves widespread leakage, internal leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life, the operation is not flexible and valve electric devices and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomings, some of the products only is equivalent to the early 80s of last century the international level. Some high temperature and pressure and critical devices in need of the valve is still dependent on imports. In addition, the industrial structure of China's valve industry, valve industry, industrial chain, as well as the degree of specialization and other aspects of the industry, both in comparison with foreign countries there is a big gap.
Industry expert analysis, resulting in poor product quality of domestic valve is mainly due to: the market rapidly expanded, the original state-owned enterprises have Guantingbingzhuan valve, private enterprises developed rapidly. The starting point for private enterprises is low, technical force is very weak, poorly equipped, the products are mostly to imitate the production, especially in low-pressure valves used in water supply and drainage, a problem more serious. 
Driven product development, technological innovation
So how do you break through this bottleneck and speed up the valve industry development? China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch of Bank of legislation that the Secretary-General's Song, according to the valve market changes and the future national development projects for some time and related policies of the next valve business of technology and product development should focus on the following aspects:
In product development, it is necessary for large projects, one developed complete sets of Engineered Valves, and second, focus on the multi-species and multi-product manufacturing specifications. Based on the current national key project development plan, the valve industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" period and the demand for the next few years, mainly in long-term pipeline valves, "Water Diversion Project" and other fields. Only long-term pipeline valves, "Eleventh Five-Year" and the coming years are also expected to build 20,000 km of gas pipeline, pipeline ball valve for large great demand. "Eleventh Five-Year" period is expected to a new high-pressure pipeline 5,000 kilometers of crude oil requires large-diameter high-pressure valves more than 3,000. "Water Diversion" is China's cross-century project, east, central and western third line needs a total investment of more than 450 billion yuan. Among them, the Eastern Water Project required a large number of large-diameter valve, special square valve, special valve and pump stations supporting the valve.
In technological innovation, we must attach importance to the adjustment of product structure, research and development and international leading level of high value-added products is crucial. West-East line in charge of the tender, the domestic enterprises to defeat the valve is a painful lesson. Learn from their mistakes to the revitalization of the valve industry must be developed with high technological content and high added value, with the international leading level of valve products.
The implementation of technical innovation, research and development of new products, enterprises have couple of choices: First, scientific research institutions and institutions such as the recent Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Factory and a subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Sciences, "3D" company co-developed power plant boiler main steam regulating valve is the leading international standard of the product, its "pressure drop" significantly below international standards, in the power plant industry has a very broad prospects; second, in cooperation with foreign countries or to take the form of technology import, Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. and Italy Simbi long to shorten the company's co-operation of our products in the valve gap with foreign countries. Of course, the conditions of the enterprises also can be independently developed.
In market development, the diversification should be implemented sales strategies, and strive to open up the international market. To open up international markets, we must first focus on the cultivation of foreign trade; Second, we must learn to use the Internet and information technology, to capture business opportunities; third can be some domestic foreign trade companies, with its channels to increase exports; the fourth is qualified enterprises abroad set point of sale, or setting up factories. 
Industry experts believe that the industry as soon as possible to change the status quo between the low-level redundant construction, the most effective way is through the joint between enterprises, mergers, and restructuring to achieve corporate expansion capital to further expand its market share, so as to stand in the competition unbeaten. This is more popular in today's international economic practices, but also the future direction of development of the industry during the valve problem. As long as there are joint enterprises may be may be so bold to try and break regional boundaries, breaking the boundaries of ownership, breaking the traditional boundaries of the professional division of labor, and strive to build a number of short-term value of more than 500 million yuan or 10 billion enterprise groups.