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What an instrument engineer should know?

Time:2021-11-16 13:47:01 writer:小编 PV:

A. Instrument Specifications
- Allocation Gas Metering Specification
- Automation System Network Spec
- Control Panel, Cabinet and Rack Specification
- Control Valve Specification
- Fusible Plug Panel Specification
- General Instrument Design
- HSSD Specification
- Instrument / Telecom cable Specification
- Instrumentation & Control Section of The Basis of Design
- MCS, PSD, & ESD System Specification
- Specification for Pressure Safety and Relief Valves
- Specification for Shutdown Valves & Blowdown Valves and Actuator Assemblies
- Typical System Functional Design Spec.
- Wellhead Control Panel Specification
B. Instrument Philosophies
- Automation System Philosophy
- Automation System Reset & Override Philosophy
- Fire and Gas Philosophy
- Instrument Earthing Philosophy
- Shutdown Philosophy
C. Documents Related To Automation System
- Fire & Gas Cause / ESD and Effect Chart
- Serial Link Data Listings and Addresses – Allocation Gas Meter, Chemical Injection, Wet Gas Meter, Fire Water Pump, Glycol Reboiler, MV SWGR, Fire Water Pump
- Graphic for F&G, MCS, PSD/ESD (Review)
- Instrument Cable Block Diagram-MCS, PSD/ESD, TCS
- Instrument Logic Diagram for Actuated Valve, ESD/PSD, F&G, Pump & Fan Motor, MCS, TCS
- Instrument loop safety integrity level listing (SIL).
- Logic sequence flow step charts.
- Master Alarm & Trip Schedule
- Network Architecture (Review)
- PSD/ESD Cause and Effect Chart
- Serial Link Data Listings and Addresses
- Shutdown Hierarchy (Shutdown flow block diagram identifying each level and causes & effects)
- Instrument I/O List MCS, PSD, ESD, F&G, TCS
- Instrument & Automation Equipment List
D. Miscellaneous Documents
- Instrument Installation, testing, Pre-Commissioning, and Commissioning
- Instrumentations Tools
- Intruder and CCTV management
- Laboratory Equipment List
- List of Test Equipmets
E. Instrument Calculations
- Calculation of Actuator sizing.
- Calculation of Control valve sizing and noise.
- Calculation of Flowmeter sizing.
- Calculation of Heat dissipation.
- Calculation of Hydraulic tank, pumps and accumulator sizing calculations.
- Calculation of Instrument power cable sizing calculations.
- Calculation of Instrument utilities consumption.
- Calculation of Relief valve sizing and noise.
- Calculation of Restriction orifice sizing and stress and noise.
- Calculation of Thermowell and other insertion device stress and wake frequency.
- Calculation of Tubing sizing calculations (Hydraulic)
- Calculation of Valve speed calculations (where required)
F. Instrument Datasheets
- Datasheet of Actuated Ball Valves
- Datasheet of Actuated ON/OFF Valves
- Datasheet of Annubar Flow Meter
- Datasheet of Anti-Surge Control Valve
- Datasheet of Bubble Type Level Transmitters
- Datasheet of Choke Valves
- Datasheet of Control Valves
- Datasheet of Coriolis Flow Meter
- Datasheet of Deluge Valves
- Datasheet of Dew Poin Analyser
- Datasheet of Differential Pressure Indicating Transmitters
- Datasheet of Differential Pressure Indicators
- Datasheet of Displacer Level Transmitters
- Datasheet of Duplex RTD
- Datasheet of Electrical Hand Switches
- Datasheet of Flanged Thermowells
- Datasheet of Flow Meter (Ultrasonic)
- Datasheet of Flow Switch
- Datasheet of Gas Analyzer Chromatograph
- Datasheet of Guide Wave Radar Level Transmitters
- Datasheet of H2 Detectors
- Datasheet of HC Gas Detectors (Open Path)
- Datasheet of HC Gas Detectors (Point)
- Datasheet of Heat Detectors
- Datasheet of Infra Red Flame Detectors
- Datasheet of Intruder Detectors
- Datasheet of Junior/Senior Flow Elements
- Datasheet of Magnetic Flow Meter
- Datasheet of Magnetic Level Gauge
- Datasheet of Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
- Datasheet of Moisture Analyser
- Datasheet of Orifice Flow Element
- Datasheet of Pig Indicators
- Datasheet of Pig Signaller – Intrusive
- Datasheet of Pneumatic Pressure Pilot
- Datasheet of Pressure Indicating Transmitters
- Datasheet of Pressure Indicator
- Datasheet of Pressure Regulator Valves
- Datasheet of Pressure Safety/Relief Valves
- Datasheet of Pressure Switch
- Datasheet of Restriction Orifices
- Datasheet of Rotameter
- Datasheet of Rotameter with transmitter
- Datasheet of Self Acting Regulator Valves
- Datasheet of Smoke Detectors
- Datasheet of Temperature Indicators & Thermowells (Bi-Metal)
- Datasheet of Temperature Transmitters & Thermowells
- Datasheet of Temperature Indicating Transmitters & Thermowells
- Datasheet of Wet Gas Meter
G. Instrument Layout & Drawings Inside CCR/EER
- Central Control Room Instrument Equipment Layout
- Central Control Room Earthing Layout
- Earthing Layout – Central Control Room
- EER Earthing Layout
- Electrical equipment Room Instrument Equipment Layout
- Fire & Gas & ESD display panels layouts in CCR (Review)
- Instrument Air Sub Header Layout – Each Deck and Platform
- Instrument CPP/Accomodation MCT Interface Layout
- Instrument/Telecom MCT Layout – CCR and EER
- Single line diagram for instrument power supplies in CCR
H. Instrument Drawings
- Instrument Grounding Layout – Each Deck and Platform
- Instrument Level Sketches
- Instrument Location Plan – Each Deck and Platform including CCR and EER
- Instrument Mounting Details
- Instrument Pneumatic Hook-up
- Instrument Process Hook-up Drawings
- Instrument Tubing Hydraulic Routing
- Instrument Tubing Pneumatic Routing
- Instrument/Telecom Cable Routing
- Instrument/Telecom Cable Tray Layout
I. Instrument Material Take Off
- MTO – Cable Glands
- MTO – Earthing Devices
- MTO – Fusible Plugs
- MTO – Installation Support
- MTO – Instrument & Telecom Cable
- MTO – Instrument Cable & Tubing Tray
- MTO – Instrument Cable Accessories
- MTO – Instrument Cable Ladder & Tubing Tray
- MTO – Instrument Distribution Manifold
- MTO – Instrument Fittings
- MTO – Instrument Junction Box
- MTO – Instrument Manual Valves
- MTO – Instrument Tubing
- MTO – Multiple Cable Transit (MCT)
J. Instrument Schedules
- Instrument Cables Schedule
- Instrument Index
- Instrument Junction Box Schedule
- Hazardous Area Equipment Schedule